What is Agile Wings?

I'm Laszlo Fischer, the person behind Agile Wings, your agile wingman. It all started as an idea over a cup of coffee with the team I worked with in mid 2010's.  I was already an agile enthusiast with a background in system development and Scrum mastery in the aviation industry. My team mates called me their agile wingman, which resonated strongly with me - wingman, one that follows and support you achivieng your goals.

After twelve years as a contractor I've managed to work with

  • over 50 development teams
  • in over a dozen organizations
  • and trained way more than 500 course participants.

Nowadays I work as an engineering manager at a produkt company. My goals remains the same though - building robust, happy and produktive organizations that continuously adapts to meet tomorrows challenges.

I addition to that, I'm a certified Professional Scrum Trainer with Scrum.org, which qualifies my to train their official courses.

Agile Wings' trainings are interactive, energizing, filled with thought provoking excersises and discussions, both with me and among the participants. You'll leave with inspiration and a mind full of new concrete improvements to apply at your work!