Professional Scrum Master I

This is the official Scrum course, developed by Scrum's found Ken Schwaber, provided by home of Scrum, and presented by certified Professional Scrum Trainer Laszlo Fischer.

Applying Agile Leadership

Many leaders already know that agile ways of working is the future and not much motivation is needed to why agile. On the other hand, how to do and be an agile leader is more difficult to find in a course. In this course I share modern ideas and practices, tried by myself as an agile engineering manager in a product company.


Scrum Master program with PSM I

A two day PSM I can be an awesome stepping stone towards successful learning journey in Scrum, To actually succeed as the change leader the Scrum Master is, is often another matter. This half year program accelerates both your learning and increases the chance of success as a Scrum Master. We kick off the program with a classroom PSM I, followed by digital group meetings where we dive deeper into practices and inspect and adapt your outcomes so far. And it's even more! We end the program by a half day classroom session followed by after-work and dinner!