Scrum Master program with PSM I

Do you want everything from an official and certified Professional Scrum Master I, but want to continue your learning journey afterwards? Do you feel inspired and energized after a training, only to feel the initiative slips away from you the next following weeks? Then this is the learning program for you!

This is SM-p 

  • Everything from PSM I in classroom, which starts the program
  • Monthly digital meetings with the same group for an afternoon
  • Deep dive and practical excercises from your reality:
    • Effective teamwork
    • Coaching and mentoring for real
    • Conflict resolution in and around teams
    • How to improve our meetings and events
    • The key to successful inspection and adaptation
    • Improvement work, of causes, not symptoms

This is included

  • Two days classroom course with certified Professional Scrum Trainer Laszlo Fischer
  • 3 digital ½ day meetings after PSM I
  • Final ½ day in classroom with reflection, retrospect and dinner
  • Opportunity to do Professional Scrum Master Iassessment
  • Official course material and a printed copy of my most valued Scrum book
  • Breakfast, lunch and fika on PSM I, fika and dinner on the final day
  • Tailored plan for you and your organization...
  • ...which we continue to work with on the digital meetings
  • Possibility of 40% discount on PSM II assessment

Price: 21 950 SEK excl. VAT